Eletromagnetic Door Holders
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Floor Mount Door Holder
YD-609B is a Floor Mount Door Holder. Its outlook is professional. with fireproof plastic cover, low power consumption type. It is more environment friendly and more durable. It can release the fire door automatically in case of fire. It contains build-out release button for testing, build-in MOV reverse for current protection.
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Product Parameter Parameter Description
Dimensions  L110xW80xH93(mm)
Holding Force  50kg(110Lbs)
Voltage  12/24VDC+10%(Adjustment)
Current Draw  12V/140mA     24V/70mA
Suitable for  All kinds of Single & Double Smokeproof Door
Surface Temp  ≤+20℃
Operating Temp  -10~+55℃(14-131F)
Suitable Humidity  0~90%(relative humidity)
Finishes for Shell  The Hand Moves and Closes the Door to Release the Button
Shell  zinc alloy, high-temperature stoving varnish finish
Suction plate  pure iron,chrome finish
Weight  1.1kg
Patent No. 201430356142.2
Dual Voltage Selectable(12VDC or 24VDC)
Emergency Release Button/Test Button
Floor Mounting Direction
Low Current Consumption
Reliable Fail-Safe Mechanism
Durable and Silence Operation



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