Magnetic Lock Installation Instructions
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Step 1

Fold the mounting template to make a 90-degree angle. Place this up against the door frame and the door, ensuring that door opens outwards from this position. The holes in the template indicate where the holes need to be drilled to attach the magnetic lock. Use a pencil to mark the spots on your door and frame.

Step 2

Drill the holes according to the marks made by the template. Different size holes in the template require different size drill bits. The largest hole should be found on the actual door, in the center, and should be roughly 0.315 inches.

Step 3

Attach the armature plate to the door. The armature plate is the thinner of the two plates included in your magnetic door kit. Drill 1/2-inch hole for the sexnut bolt in the opposite side of the door if you have a hollow metal or a solid metal door. This hole should be opposite the 0.315 inch hole indicated by the template. Place the sexnut bolt in the hole you just made, and then place the rubber and metal washers over the hole in the opposite side of the door. Use the guide pins to help hold the armature plate in place at the left and right sides. Screw in the main armature screw, which goes in the center of the armature plate, through the washers and into the door. The sexnut bolt holds the screw in place.

Step 4

Connect the magnet mounting plate to the door frame. Place the small mounting screws in the circular holes in the far right and left of the mounting plate. The spare circular holes on the outside are for the fixing screws from the magnet. Push the power cable through the oval shaped hole on the mounting plate before attaching the plate to the door frame. Screw the plate into the door frame.

Step 5

Attach the magnet using the two long fixing screws and an Allen wrench. Tighten the tips of the two fixing screws into the mounting plate to secure the lock. Connect the power to test the lock.
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